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Dr. Bassem Boctor is a long-time local resident who has been serving the community since 2006. After having established a large clientele through his popular Home Care Mobile Clinic, Dr. Boctor decided to expand his practice to include a full service veterinary hospital to better serve the area.

Congratulations to Dr. Boctor and his staff

for saving the life of a pregnant cat who was brought in by the Humane Society.

The cat was brought in with four arrows in her belly, with severe loss of blood and large wounds. Dr. Boctor chose to perform emergency surgery to save the animal’s life. This heroic story was featured on CityTV.

The staff of St. Catharines Animal Hospital is proud to welcome this cat as its official pet.

Cinnamon’s Miracle return…

On Saturday August 16, 2014, St. Catharines Animal Hospital experienced an unfortunate accident. Our sweet clinic cat Cinnamon was playing in the reception area and noticed some birds outside. As a client opened the door to come inside, quick as a flash…
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“Tyson,” a two-year-old dog left badly injured and bleeding in Thorold, was taken in by the Lincoln SPCA earlier this week.

The young German shepherd thought to have been the victim of cruel men may actually have been attacked by coyotes.

They say that despite his injuries, Tyson is doing well.

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The Spring 2014 Auction raised……$4000

Congratulations to all those who help make this event a continued success.
When combined with the Christmas 2013 results, the 12 month auction revenue was just over $8500!!

Please consider being a part of this important fundraiser by becoming an auction item recruiter.
Contact Jeanne for more information 905-646-1442
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