Headshot of Dr. Boctor

Owner. Founder. Doctor.

Dr.Boctor is the owner and founder of St.Catharines Animal Hospital. In 2000 Dr. Bassem Boctor and his family decided to immigrate to Canada to pursue their dreams. By 2002, he…

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Dr.Sam Masoud has been working as one of St.Catharines Animal Hospital’s Veterinarians since November 2015. He previously worked in different hospitals as an ER veterinarian in the GTA & Niagara…

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Image of Therese Boctor

In Loving Memory

Therese Boctor

Therese Boctor was the cornerstone and co-founder of St.Catharines Animal Hospital alongside her husband Dr.Boctor. After battling Breast Cancer for 12 years, she sadly passed away in August of 2017. She was best described by Dr.Boctor as his inspiration, motivator, as well as his backbone. She showed her love for all patients that came into the clinic and had a calming effect on any room she entered. She will always be remembered and be greatly missed.


Cat poking head out of box

Office Manager.

Sarah has been working at the clinic since October 2016 and is the office manager. She has 1 dog, a miniature Shih Tzu who is…

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Two budgies on a tree branch


Shannon joined the receptionists in August 2017. Shannon has a wide range of pets at home. Included in her home are 2 dogs. Tara is…

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Terrier puppy


Mike started working at St. Catharines Animal Hospital training to be a technician in September 2017. Having previously worked as a manager for Pet Planet…

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German Shephard


Samantha joined the receptionists at St. Catharines Animal Hospital in July 2017. When she started working at the hospital she had a chihuahua named Domingo.…

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