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Medical exam to start off can span a wide spectrum of possibilities.

At St. Catharines Animal Hospital our doctors are able to help you understand the possibilities. We are able to help diagnose and treat the range of possibilities for your dog or cat. Our doctors will listen to your concerns and assess your pet. From eye or ear infections to urinary tract infections. From broken nails to open wounds, our Doctors are equipped to assess what needs to be done and will go over an estimate for procedures with you in the exam room.

We have an extensive in-house laboratory and x-ray unit for quickly diagnosing and assessing your pets needs.


What to look for and what to expect.

Walk In Procedure

Because we have a few doctors here in the clinic, we are equipped to not only handle scheduled appointments but also walk ins and emergencies during regular business hours.

Allowing walk ins and emergencies helps us to treat your pets concerns sooner rather than later. Our receptionists will speak with you when you are checking in to get as many details as possible about what is going on with your pet to help prepare the doctors. We want to ensure that they are aware of all symptoms to better help diagnose your pet.

Reasons for a Walk In Visit

Some common issues we will recommend that the pet comes in the same day would be for a possible eye or ear infection. These left untreated can make the issues worse over time. If you let us know that your pet is straining to pee or poop or seems to be going more or less often than usual we will recommend seeing them the same day. There could be an infection or even a blockage causing them distress. Open wounds, excessive vomiting or diarrhea, and lethargy will all be seen on the same day if you are able to bring them in.

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