Golden lab puppy high-fiving its owner

Local, Niagara Falls area veterinarian offering mobile House-Call service for a variety of reasons, but primarily to ease the stress and anxiety many pets feel when visiting the veterinary office.

This stress is usually multifaceted, and can be caused by a combination of factors, and choosing to have a veterinarian come to you instead might be the best solution for you and your pet.

Other reasons include

  • Some animals become stressed by the commute to the clinic-being forced out of their safe haven of home into a confined space like a carrier or a car.
  • Being in a new, unfamiliar environment that is brightly lit can induce feelings of extreme vulnerability in animals, especially if there are other animals present.
  • Our mobile service addresses the special needs of some owners who cannot bring their pet, or pets, to a clinic, are unavailable during regular hours, or don’t have access to suitable transportation.
  • An in-home consultation and exam allows the vet to better evaluate your pet in a more relaxed setting, and an opportunity to gauge their temperament and behavior if those are issues.
  • Many people would prefer the option of saying their final goodbye to their beloved pet in the privacy and comfort of their own home. We provide compassionate, end of life care for your pet.

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